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Software  / IT Development

We are currently working on software we call  YOUTHSTAT  help to build out a potential Application /CRM that can assist coaches, staff, parents and players to help with the development of young soccer players at soccer academies and youth clubs in United States . 

Briefly ; Identifying training needs, provide video and feedback and be able to show a 360 degree view of the each player, team and coach.  

The Project started as startup in San Francisco Bay area  and getting help from Major companies like google , Ea sports and Other related companies . 

We called project  YOUTHSTAT  and we ll update for status of the this application development  .  Application will help and  attributes  coaches and it will combine to give a player different abilities and discusses in more detail how to assess the abilities of your players first and it ll give you special training technics for skill ,  fitness and mind set .

Project :Team Engineering 

    It is often said that individuals can win a game, but it takes a team to win a championship. Teamwork is what makes sports and athletics so spectacular and interesting. There is nothing like a group of people uniting for a common purpose and a common goal. In sports like football, baseball, and the other classical team sports, it is clear how teamwork plays a significant role in athletic success. Even in sports like swimming and track, the athletes may not be relying on one another to win their individual heat, but each athlete is still on a team which must together produce good numbers to win. Even golf, which is deemed as solely individual, has match play tournaments where golfers split up into teams to compete. Even if that may be a stretch, there are still all the trainers, coaches, dieticians, and even psychologists that help athletes gain a competitive edge,  so they should be considered part of the team too. Everybody involved has a specific role to play in order to achieve success. Ultimately, teamwork in a sports context is what unites athletes for a common social goal. But how does teamwork in a technical context unite engineers?

    So we are working a project that will help teams to improve team chemistry , sprit , better working environment and related issues that Club employees and Staff cant deal with during busy season to improve success and performance  

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